Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whole Foods

I love Whole Foods. I love their food, I love how they treat employees and I love how it is possible to get a deal there if you try. Cat food is only $1.99 for a decent sized bag, they generally rotating sales on things I like, and you get .10 for bringing your own bags (per bag). Except for the people at the registers employees seem to truly like their jobs and actually have a deep well of knowledge about whatever their department is.

Why am I raving about Whole Foods? Because I'm hungry and it's a half hour trip each way to go there. And also because I had a whole long discussion about it with my dad, who was trying to prove to me how it was unaffordable. I have that discussion a lot. I feel good about shopping there though. I feel healthier. The grocery store near my house just looks dingy and dirty and their produce goes bad faster. I feel like the meat I buy there has been pumped full of unhealthy stuff. So even though some things are more expensive, like meat, overall it is possible to shop there on a budget and the quality of food there makes it worth the effort. So if anyone out there is thinking about it but are scared of the price, as long as you are careful and go for the sales it is totally affordable to shop at Whole Foods.

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