Monday, June 22, 2009

Parasite baby!

I just read something on Perez Hilton about how one of the celebrities on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" has some kind of parasite larvae thing growing under their skin. After trying to get that image out of my head I started thinking about how basically if you were to explain a pregnancy to someone who had lived in a cave away from all mammals and had no idea about how reproduction happened (but somehow could talk and think and had a fully developed brain and everything), the way the people reproduce would probably sound just about as disgusting. It grows in you and takes all its nutrients from you? And you have to push it out of where?? And that takes how long? Oh my god, it obviously doesn't fit there are you kidding me (let's not even get into explaining to cave person how the baby got in)?

And then it can't really see or lift it's head or move much at all and you have to clamp it to your body to feed it. And it screams and poops and it will be years before it can even talk to you, much less take care of itself. Doesn't it sound insane? And yet I totally want kids one day and I think babies are adorable. It's like a specific form of localized insanity that everyone has, where this process just sounds appealing despite being really completely unpleasant and disgusting in theory.

If one day my future children read this, I love you! Even if you started out as cute little parasites.

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