Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mmmmm Coffee

I just had a big cappucino with steamed milk, and it totally turned my day around. I love coffee. Everyone who knows me knows that taking me out to a coffee shop or making me coffee is about all they have to do to endear themselves to me. Tiramisu, mocha frosting, coffee icecream, it's all awesome. I absolutely love my expresso maker. Especially being on a budget, I can make myself a cappucino (I probably spelled that wrong) for probably about $.50 instead of paying over $3 for it at Starbucks or some other coffee shop. So I can have a big cup of coffee and feel good about myself that I am responsible and frugal. Most treats are a lot of work to make or cost a bunch of money to get someone else to make it for you, but coffee is easy, good and cheap. And probably somehow healthy too (ok, probably not actually but whatever).

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