Monday, April 4, 2011

World Traveler

I think this will be the year to travel to places I've already been.  I'm planning on visiting Florida and have already taken a (kick-ass) trip to Italy earlier this month.  I lived in both places for quite a while, so I'm not really going as a tourist so much as to visit friends and family.

Of course, I also took a little two night detour while in Italy to visit Morocco (Fez), which I haven't ever been to. Egypt is another dream, but I may wait for that pesky little revolution/riots/protest thing to die down before heading over (I'm not really up on the current situation other than that it's volatile. Slightly more informed about Libya. Slightly).  Plus, I've already sold off my kidney and lung for this last vacation. I need my liver. Who vacations without a liver?  You can get by without breathing too hard on vacation, but a liver is critical for all the obvious reasons.

Speaking of revolutions, an unnamed travel companion of mine was worried about Morocco exploding into similar political disarray but democracy managed to elude them a little bit longer and we had a lovely time.  Not that I'm valuing my vacation over life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or anything. But I'm glad they held off so I didn't have cancel my trip/hear 'I told you so'/escape in the back of a turnip wagon to the American embassy.  It probably would have made a more interesting blog post however.

And the souvenirs I picked up are lovely. I now have a hand woven wool and cashmere blanket/rug/wall hanging thing that here would have probably cost me that liver I'm so attached to. There? $40.  I also got a traditional Moroccan dress which I've already worn once as a costume to my friend's party.  I wore it to the liquor store on the way to the party which was awkward because most Moroccans are Muslim and don't drink. I am not a method actress obviously.  But then, I also got slightly tipsy while actually in Morocco so....there you go.  Disrespectful on two continents.

Ok...I've totally lost track of this post. I'm going to end it now before I start rambling about donkeys or corn or something.