Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sooo....still here

While it may seem like I haven't been writing for the past few months, that is in fact an optical illusion. I have been writing. Just not here.  This is mainly due to the fact that other sites pay for writing....and I am obviously greedy.

However this does tie into my New Year's resolution to not be actively poor this year.  Last year was an improvement over 2009, for sure, as that year I probably made the least since graduating college. I think a lot of people did. 2010 was better, for me and a lot of my film and non-film friends.  Just based on my personal observations and my personal finances, the economy improved.  I am hoping 2011 sees a similar improvement to my finances and that eventually my goal can shift from not being poor to perhaps being actively rich.

Other resolutions have to do with being neater, not being a pack rat (does the show Hoarders inspire anyone else to clean? Because it for sure does to me) and generally comporting myself more as a fully functioning adult.

None of that is either here nor there, but just an excuse as to why I was not here...but I was there.

Things I have being doing that may or may not be interesting:

Juicing. I got a juicer for Christmas and today attempted to make a homemade Bloody Mary mix. It was...well...I drank it. My boyfriend refused to. I think I put too much horseradish and not enough tomato.  Mistakes were made and lessons learned.  For those considering getting a juicer, I will say they are very enjoyable but the juice comes out a little frothy (and pink..both my apple and tomato juices have been kind of pink randomly) and there's a lot of cleanup of the machine needed. Otherwise great though.

Making ice cream. Ok, I haven't done this yet but I also got an ice cream maker for Christmas and it is in my future.

Watching the Packers kick ass!!! We are going to win the Superbowl. Even if we don't win the championship tomorrow we will win the Superbowl. It is foreordained.  Go Packers! Also, ha on Brett Favre for having to end his starting streak. That's what you get for leaving the Packers, even if it took a couple years. I do feel a little bad about his sister though. I am human. Not so human that I'm not smug about his ass getting knocked out during his last game though (it was his last game, right?).

And...other stuff. But I will update soon in regards to that stuff. I don't want to use it all on one post.