Sunday, June 28, 2009

Deal or No *Cough*

Yeah. So remember those auditions I went to? So I could win a million dollars and make all my own films and build myself a castle and stuff? Well I won! If you consider coming down with a middle of the summer cold winning. Ugh. My voice is several, several octaves lower than normal and I could double for Rudolph if I needed to.

On the other hand, I actually have a couple of days of work this week, arranging auditions for an independant feature. So that's really nice. Hopefully I don't start an epidemic akin to H1N1 (though then everyone would know my name and learn to pronounce it correctly, right? Silver lining, people).

I also had a nice weekend, went to a fun party, got to see my family and fought/made up with my boyfriend. I live a very active life, in between all the tv watching.
Which, by the way, is about to end as I have been outvoted and we are no longer going to be paying for cable. So look for the quantity (and maybe quality if you're lucky, all five of you) of my posts to increase.

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