Monday, June 15, 2009


I've decided to try to add recipes here as often as possible, so I have my own record of the things I cook often and can also share some of my favorite recipes with whoever stumbles by here.

So today's recipe is Carbonara (not that I'm going to have a recipe every day or anything). It's a classic Italian pasta dish that I learned from my mom.

Ingredients : Bacon, onion, egg, milk, parmesean cheese, pasta, salt, pepper

Fry up some bacon squares (or just cut strips into inch long pieces) and chopped up onion while you're cooking the pasta. Have a bowl with a couple of beaten eggs and a little milk ready to go. Add some pepper, salt and parm. cheese to the egg mixture. Once the pasta is ready drain it and put it back into the pot. Toss the bacon and onion into the pasta and mix it well. Then add the egg mixture to the pasta, turning it on low heat. Stir the pasta and mix it well with the egg, then keep stirring until the egg is cooked (how cooked depends on your own taste). Then turn off the heat and serve. It's bacony eggy pasta-y goodness. It's an Italian staple food and really good and filling.

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