Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Killer Printer

I just bought a new printer (HP4400 if you're curious) and after going through the setup and printing a couple things realize I will need to exchange that new printer because the nice smooth paper that goes in is coming out just a little bit ripped.

I don't want to be picky or anything, because I know the weathered look is "in" but I really just want a printer where the paper emerges in the same condition that it entered. Except with ink on it.  Organized ink, not just globs of it artistically placed.  I probably should have gotten up off my ass and exchanged it today, but I didn't because since I don't have a car exchanging involves packing the thing back up and carrying to the subway, up and down several flights of steps, and then walking with it for 10 minutes to get to the store. And then the store probably involves its own set of hassles.  So I will try to do it tomorrow, as it does need to be done, but I am bitter (BITTER!) that I can't just plug the thing in and expect it to work. Especially since my last printer was an HP and worked for 4 years before deciding it just didn't want to suck up paper anymore, so the fact that this one couldn't get through its first sheet of paper is kind of annoying.

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