Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friends and Anniversaries

With her permission, I'm posting a couple pics from my best friend's visit to the Big Apple. There are lots more, but you don't get to see them (haha) because I'm trying to keep my face off the blog. You know, in case all the rabid fans decide to stalk me...or whatever.

Anyway, below: Champagne Mexican Brunch. Yummy.  I was so full I wanted to curl up in a sunny spot on the sidewalk afterwards, but it was good.

On the other hand, something that will take your appetite completely away:


On another note, it is my BF and my three year anniversary. We celebrated with sushi and saki, a very satisfying pairing. We are now lounging at home, relaxing and feeling pleased with ourselves. The cats are exhibiting a similar mood.  Overall a good day.

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