Monday, October 12, 2009


So, I guess being a freelancer that I am kind of self employed (though sadly, far too often this year collecting a "paycheck" from Uncle Sam).  I've been running around like crazy lately applying for jobs, doing a bit of work, and preparing for a job in a few weeks where I am basically going to be running a film set. A small film set, and a low budget one, but still other then the director and the DP, I am IT in terms of dictator like power. Unfortunately with great power comes great responsibility, and I have been spending hours preparing for that power.  Preparation isn't paid, unfortunately, but I know that the experience will be wonderful for me and for my career, and that learning is never wasted.  Hopefully it is just one step on the ladder to Oprah like success.

Oh, and remember that cake I made? And remember my mother, who can be difficult, was visiting? Well, I had some cake left and wanted her to try it. I'm not sure why.

Mom: I tried your cake.
Me: Oh, did you like it?
Mom: It was hard. (Long pause, then grudgingly) Good if you dip [it in coffee].

Ah, just what every chef wants to hear.  I have my apartment back to myself though, and my cats are joyfully sniffing my feet, and there is just a little bit of that hard cake left for me, so life is good.

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