Monday, August 3, 2009

Tourist exhaustion

I spent the day with my brother and his girlfriend running around the city looking for shoes.  That was the goal of the day and while it was not accomplished I am happy to say that NYC has no shortage of shoe shops.   In fact, considering that every other shop or so is dedicated to foot clothing, I'm wondering how they all stay in business.

In between making laps of these various and sundry shoe stores we went to Strand, where I hunkered down happily for an hour reading a book I had no intention of buying while my the others browsed equally happily on the various other levels.  I love Strand.  Love love love love love.  There is a Barnes and Nobles just a block away from Strand, and I don't know how they stay in business when you can buy the same book, used but in stellar condition, for half the price over at Strand.  

After we had finished rolling around in the books we retreated to Chocolate By The Bald Man and ate ourselves into a sugar coma.  We had a chocolate drink each and split a huge Sundae and we almost died.  Really. We did. There were multiple tables around us where each person had their OWN drink and their OWN dessert and I don't know how they didn't immediately develop diabetes and fall into sugar comas.  Not that it wasn't worth it - I love that place, though we spent more on the drink and shared dessert than we had on a full lunch each the day before.  

In housing news I am pondering a room I saw. It is half the size of my current room and more expensive but in a much better neighborhood and the woman who showed it to me seems nice and sane.  I'm going to need to make a decision quickly, like tomorrow, but it is just. so. small.  It has no closet.  My furniture will absolutely not all fit.  Still, nice cute building and apartment.  I'm confusing myself just typing all this.  Decision pending.  

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