Friday, August 14, 2009

Spicy, cheap and delicious

And the food's not bad either. Dadum dum!
Aren't I funny? Anyway, moving on. I'm posting a recipe for Agli'e Olio, another Italian classic.

You can make it with kitchen staples, so it's a great recipe for in between shopping days.  It is comprised of garlic, hot pepper flakes or fresh chopped hot pepper, olive oil and (if you want) anchovies.  Throw some pasta into your salted, boiling water. While the pasta is cooking, heat up enough olive oil to coat the pasta and gently brown the chopped garlic.

Once the garlic is looking just a little brown, throw the pepper flakes and anchovies into the garlic and oil mixture.

  Be careful not to burn the garlic. I managed to brown it a little more than planned in the above photo since the olive oil was too hot when I added it in.  Let it all simmer and once the pasta is ready toss it into the now flavored olive oil and mix it all together.  Add a little salt and pepper if you want, but otherwise that's it. You're done! 

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