Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rock On...or not

Despite being a total city girl I have a secret little place in my heart for country music. One of my favorites is Matraca Berg, who not only is a great singer but has written some of the biggest hits in country for singers like Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill, Martina McBride and Deanna Carter (Strawberry Wine, great song). And I cannot find her cd!! It's so annoying. I had her Lying To The Moon & Other Stories cd and I went hunting for it yesterday and I think I may have lost it in the move. And I hate having to rebuy cds that I already own. The cheap in me dies a little each time I have to do this. Same thing happened when my Bruce Springsteen got stolen (along with my laptop, but it's the cd that is a continued thorn in my side).

This is one of the unfortunate consequences of moving. There were a million great reasons for me to move, career being the main one, but let me tell you it is really annoying to try to fit all your stuff into a mini van and then realize months and months later that not everything made it. And the one song I really wanted to hear from the cd, the reason I was hunting it down, is impossible to find even on youtube. Grrr.

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