Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheap NYC apartment update

I found an apartment within my budget (barely). Let me repeat that, because it is a little unbelievable to me. I found an apartment, a studio, that I can afford in Brooklyn. Now I am FREAKING OUT. I have to find someone to take over my current room, I need to pack, I need to hire a truck to move stuff, and I need to do all this without spending any money and in two weeks. Did I mention I only have two weeks to move?

All sorts of nightmare scenarios are running through my head :
1. No one will take my old room and I will have to pay two rents (impossible on my budget, by the way).
2. The apartment is a scam and I will show up to pick up the keys in two weeks and not find anyone there, leaving me homeless and out a security deposit.
3. I will move in but the apartment will be a nightmare, nothing will work, and I will have to move out again (where???).
4. I will move in and the building goes into foreclosure or burns down or something and I will have to move out again.
5. I will never find another freelance or full time job again EVER and my unemployment will run out, leaving me unable to pay rent and homeless.
6. My brain will explode.
7. Everything will cost double what I expect, I will find I budgeted wrong, and I will run out of money and end up homeless or something.
8. Some awful combination of the above.

So even though this is what I wanted, right now I am so scared it will fall apart I can't be happy yet. I'll be happy when I've moved in and everything is settled. Right now, I'm just stressed. Please send good vibes my way!

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