Saturday, August 1, 2009

Seafood Pasta on the cheap

My brother is visiting and so I decided to go all out and actually spend more than $.50 on dinner.  I was able to make a kick ass seafood pasta for around $10.  I cooked some baby octupus, shrimp and scallops in onion and garlic and then added some canned tomato later on in the process.  Since I was making myself a Lemondrop (well, I made my brother mix it for me) I also splashed in some lemon juice.  The usual herbs (basil, thyme, salt, pepper) were thrown in, as well as some olive oil.  And tada!

Beautiful pasta! 

And also notice that I was able to take that photo with the built in camera on my new Macbook.  There will be many more laptop pictures in this blog's future.  I also garnished the plate with a little basil, just to make it pretty for all of you.

One more. 

Notice in the background where there's flour on the counter from my home made bread.  Yes, I do rock, thanks.  Next up: Pizza-off with my brother. He is under the delusion that his pizza will be better than mine. Pictures will be provided.  

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