Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jon and Kate plus Cash

Ok. As everyone knows I am sadly addicted to large family TLC shows. While 18 Kids and Counting is my wholesome ultra-conservative fix, Jon and Kate has become my trashy reality show fix.

I have previously fallen on Jon's side of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 showdown, just because I felt like Kate really did everything she could to belittle and drive him away in later seasons (wow, I can't believe we all know this much about this random family). But you know what? I take it back. He is being such an ass now that I am completely going over to Kate's side. According to PerezHilton and TMZ he is so irresponsible with money that Kate has been given most of the control, and she was a good enough mom to put money into college funds for her kids while Jon squandered his. Plus, he is dating multiple women, talking to paparazzi, making endorsement deals and generally being an idiot.

Now, enough tv, back to my actual life. :-)

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