Friday, August 7, 2009


House guests are wonderful.  House guests are wonderful but so is a day of total peace. I sent my brother and his gf out into the wide world of Manhattan alone today and have been doing nothing but basking in the silence and eating leftover pizza all day long. I even cleaned the bathroom.  That is not anywhere on the top of my list of favorite activities but the day seemed to call for some king of useful action and that was it.

I even decided not to go out, after showering and dressing up and fully planning to do just that. I'm enjoying the peace too much.  Also, I'm broke, but mainly the peace thing.  I finished the book I had been reading, replied to some e-mails, did I mention that I ate pizza, and just generally lazed through the day.

On a completely unrelated note I recently discovered that I can download Oblivion to my Mac, I just have to do this complicated thing where I first download Windows, and then maybe buy myself a two buttoned mouse.  Yay!  Customer service will be on the phone for that one.  Lucky them. For those who don't know, Oblivion is this kick-ass game where you can be an elf or a lizard (though they're not called that, they're called Argonians) or whatever and run around collecting treasure and creating potions and saving the world.  It's fun.  I am not a big gamer but I am just a little obsessed with that particular game, an obsession I blame on my father's refusal to let me buy a gaming system as a child.  Take that, Dad.  I'll rot my brain if I want to. I did not get so far as to actually complete the installation process today but I will. Oh, I will, and then I may actually disappear for a few weeks while playing it.

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