Friday, July 10, 2009

Vegetable Curry

I'm really proud of myself for attempting a completely new recipe for vegetable curry I found online. And it is good. Really spicy juicy tasty good. And since I made enough to feed an entire army, it's a good thing that I like it.

Above is an artistic depiction of myself about halfway through the recipe, when I was looking at my pot and then looking at the huge mountain of eggplant I had to try to cram into it. Notice how my shoes and shirt oh so tastefully match. That rarely happens in real life, but I allowed myself some artistic license.

Usually I only try new recipes if a friend makes something I enjoy and I force them to show me how they did it, so I'm pleased with myself for the curry initiative. I cook mainly Italian food, with a few other dishes I've picked up along the way thrown in, so this is outside of my comfort zone cooking wise. I was looking for something healthy but that still felt like a full meal, and this is definitely making its way onto my recipe list (the one that exists only in my head).

You can follow the link above to the recipe. I modified it a bit, replacing the cauliflower with zuchinni and using flour instead of cornstarch. I also used some random fresh spicy green pepper instead of the spicy green chili, because I couldn't find the chili in my supermarket. It makes a ton of curry. The eggplant (I used an entire one, not sure if that's more than the recipe calls for) barely fit in the big soup pan I cooked all this in.It was really easy to make though. I pre-chopped everything and just dumped stuff in the pan in the appropriate order and let it simmer. I added extra spices at the end because I do like it pretty spicy. After just a day and a half it's almost gone and it saved me the effort of cooking for a few meals, so great.

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