Thursday, July 2, 2009

Casting Couch

Whatever happens with the project I'm working on going forward, I'm glad I now have experience casting. I spent the last couple of days explaining over and over to actors (while my voice slowly gave out) what the project is about and answering all their questions. We pitched the film more to them then they pitched themselves to us. I hope the producer found it helpful and we end up actually using some of them in the film. I think we will. In the meantime everyone just cross your fingers that we get financing - the film is on hold until we do.

Which means I am once again looking for another project to pay me.

I don't know what the normal career progression for someone doing film is, or if there is one, but I wonder sometimes if I am missing some crucial element. I have been out of film school for three years now and am still waiting for that magical moment where when one job ends another is lined up to go. It seems like each job involves a torturous amount of resume sending and applying, and there is far too much time in between them. I know plenty of other people in my position but it still gets really frustrating after a while. It does however give me a great deal of time to hone my cooking and tv watching skills. Valuable.

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