Monday, July 13, 2009

NYC Diet

Salt is not a staple food. Nevertheless after going through my fridge and realizing I had absolutely nothing to eat, not even a single stray egg, I went out and bought salt. Because I was out. Then I told my boyfriend this. He knows me well enough to realize that salt is indeed a solid foundation to a meal.

I ended up figuring out some food to make. I actually did have some pasta lying around and a small piece of cheese from the back of my empty fridge became the not really adequate sauce. I am now making bread because as I've mentioned before all it takes is flour, yeast and water. And I did have those. If I was feeling more motivated I would have just dragged myself over to Whole Foods but I did not feel that motivated. Going to the corner store to get salt in fact used up my entire store of get out of the house energy.

I will need to go to the grocery store tomorrow unless I want to start sharing cat food with Guinness and Shale. And frankly they do not get the super fancy expensive cat food, so really really not appealing (it is perfectly adequate cat food and they get treats sometimes so no reason to get mad on their behalf). But for tonight at least I as able to actually scrap together a perfectly decent if not very colorful meal.

Edited to add : I just noticed the ad on the right is actually food oriented at the moment. Does that mean that whatever random program decides these things thinks I'm a food blog? I'm kind of a food blog right?

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