Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drink Gone Wrong

Watermelons are one of my favorite flavors of summer. They are fresh and light and generally the perfect thing to be eating when you're overheated and do not want to waste precious money on air conditioning. Mojitos are also great. So the idea of making a lime watermelon mint sugar (and of course alcohol) drink sounded genius. Don't those flavors sound like they would go great together? This lovely looking recipe from Choosy Beggars just made me more convinced that my own modified version would be great.

However it was not. At all.

Don't get me wrong I still drank it all - waste not want not, right? We are in a recession. And it is a drink. But let this be a lesson to you that the following ingredients do not work together :

Lime juice
Crushed mint leaves
Cheap vodka

This is not going to stop me from attempting other watermelon drinks, but let me assure you that this particular one is off the Christmas list. It was definitely bad.

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