Thursday, July 23, 2009

Latest Harry Potter review

Here is the promised review, and it definitely will contain some spoilers, so don't read if you want a totally pure experience.

Overall, I definitely like it. That said, here are my thoughts, free form style. :-)

Hmmm...Harry sure looks broody. And should you just be reading a moving newspaper out in the middle of a restaurant? Is that really smart?

Oh, poor Muggles girl. Don't just leave her hanging!

I want the Weasily house. So cute!

Ginny is pretty, but not...that...pretty...

Now I feel bitchy.

Um, maybe Hermione should just, like, talk to Ron? And why are they being so skeptical about Draco's evilness?

Ouch. Seriously. Poor Harry.

Oooohhhh! Cheater. On the same note, later, why didn't Harry tell Ron it was really all him?

Ron's girlfriend is kind of over the top hilarious.

I like the bonding moments between Harry and Hermione.

The potions teacher really is completely useless, huh? I do wish I could morph into a sofa sometimes though...

Oh, really convenient not to remember how you dumped your girl friend, Ron. And was that really all it took to drive her off? Lots of dating in this movie, not much fighting. Enjoying the teen angst of that, though.

Hmmm. Had Harry forgotten his luck potion before now?

Oh, hi Gollum. Did LOTR forget to copyright you?



There. Not too spoilery, and it will probably make more sense after the movie is seen. So go see it. You don't want to be the last person on earth who hasn't, right? Anyone whose seen it, I'd love to get your thoughts, so if you want to leave a comment.

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