Sunday, July 5, 2009


I wish I could write. Not like, put words together in a way that makes sense write, but tell a story write. I have always really loved to read and thought that it would somehow translate as I got older into writing, but it hasn't. When I read interviews by authors they talk about how they always had this overwhelming urge to write, how they wrote stories for themselves way before they were ever published authors. I have an urge to read basically all the time but I do not sit and scribble stories in a notebook for myself and never have. I wrote plenty of papers for school and think I am decent at it, but I just don't really have that urge to write when there isn't a deadline or a grade attached to it. Nevertheless I hope that one day that author thing will strike me and that need and ability to create worlds and characters will appear. I would love nothing better than at the end of my life to know that I wrote a few books that people enjoyed reading, that I made a few movies that they enjoyed watching and that maybe one of those things made some kind of positive difference along the way.

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