Monday, July 20, 2009

Pea Pasta, Monks style

I have a new recipe for you guys and it's healthy and good. And easy. All my favorite recipes are easy. Basically it's a pasta with peas as the sauce. I learned this when I was living in a monastary/boys dorm (yes, I'm a girl) in Italy. How many people can say they've lived somewhere like that? Ha! So, recipe:

1. Throw half a can or a can of peas in a nonstick pan. Pour some olive oil liberally on top of it and cook at low temp. until the peas are soft and mushy.

2. Then mush them up.

3. Meantime get water boiling for the pasta and get that going.

4. Once the peas are nice and mushed up season with salt and pepper. Also add some bread crumbs to the peas to make it more like a real sauce and less like just a bunch of squashed peas.

5. Pour a spoonful or two of boiling pasta water on top of the sauce, since by now it's probably pretty dry. Add some more olive oil too if the spirit so moves you.

6. Once pasta is ready just mix the pasta and sauce together until it's all coated and mixed, and there you go. Pea Pasta. Not delicious looking, but actually surprisingly good. Enjoy!

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