Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Skydiving Slowly Into Homeownership

I have been looking at houses in Florida for a year and a half. At first I was super optimistic and thought I could get a steal if I did enough research.  Five offers later, I've raised my budget and lowered my standards.  Not that they were so crazy high to begin with - I made my first offer after the first weekend of looking. But I digress.

I found a house I am strongly considering bidding on. It's small. Much smaller than I originally thought I'd buy, since this is an investment property I want to rent out. And it's a good 20k above my original budget. But the current owners are in the process of fully renovating it, so everything is new. New floors, new kitchen, new bathroom. New windows even. So if I rent it to somebody, I probably won't have to worry about a bunch of repairs right away. It will be ready to go.

So I think I'll probably make an offer. Which, even though it would be my 6th (I think? 5th?) is still scary. It's scary every time. Because I'm putting my entire life savings into an investment, hoping the market will continue to grow, hoping I can get renters, hoping they will be willing to pay what I need to make, hoping they won't trash the place or refuse to pay their rent, hoping, hoping, hoping. I think it's a pretty good area right now to buy in, or I wouldn't be doing this, but .... scary.

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