Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Post Exercise Bloat

Why is it whenever I exercise I actually gain a pound or two in the days immediately afterwards? And feel more bloated? After eating my way through Europe in November and knowing that I'm going to be pigging out come Christmas, I would really like to preemptively lose a pound or two. Yeah it's vain. I don't care.

I mean, on the plus side I'm very proud of myself for lurching my way through a 2.7 mile jog. That is quite the accomplishment for someone with a resting heart rate in the 90s. I'm not proud of it, but I've coasted through life on a decent metabolism and so have let myself get totally unfit in any kind of practical way. And then today, after that weekend jog, I walked another 4 miles or so. Again, not so much out of any kind of virtue as that my subway card was empty and I didn't feel like refilling it.

So why is my body punishing me for attempting to make it healthy? Google claims the culprit must be compensatory eating, which certainly makes more sense than my body actively plotting against me, but I really don't think I'm eating more (mainly because I'm too lazy to cook - I already went for a run! Now I have to cook?) so all I can theorize is that my body is shutting down from shock and it's causing me to retain water.

This is just reinforcing my belief that exercise is bad.

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