Saturday, December 12, 2009

Duggar baby born! Early!

  My interest in babies, Duggars and dramatic and unusual medical situations has all come together in a big Duggar baby peak.  Mrs. Duggar had the baby, super early, and she's super tiny.  Like, barely over a pound.  While not religious I am sending good vibes their way (I'm sure they really really care).  But I am also trolling the internet for more info.  I love gossip, and all reality tv is a a chance to get to know more people to gossip about, with no chance of the gossiping back about you.  And dramatic premature birth after airlift evacuation is definitely cause for talk, let me tell you.
  I'm feel like I'm being a little callous about it, but I really think little Josie (a J name I never thought of) will be fine. Girls do better than boys, Mrs. Duggar was in the hospital long enough to get steroid shots, and while three months is very, very early it's amazing how young they can be now and do ok.
  So, basically, I hope she gets quickly better but I also hope there are multiple large information leaks.  Does that make me a terrible person?

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