Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grocery challenge

In my continuous quest to not go over budget, I am going to try to make it through the whole week on the $11.86 cents of food I bought today.  I was originally going for $10, but chicken was on sale so I bought one and a dollar and a half is not going to break the bank.  I'm also cheating a little since I'm going to have to make a separate trip to buy kitty litter, but that would be half my budget so it just wasn't happening. BUT! Of actual food cost, if I can keep to under $12, I will be happy.

What I bought:
A whole chicken
A dozen eggs (with a dollar coupon)
2 bananas
2 packages pasta
1 large can tomatoes
Close to a pound of rice
Quart milk

I got $.40 credit for bringing my own bags, which put me just under $12.

I can make at least two meals with the chicken, at least four from the pasta (with butter/canned tomatoes/cheese toppings) and at least three with the rice and some frozen veggies I already have. That plus the eggs and eating leftovers and I should be good for the week.

I made my first pasta dish with 1/2 a can of peas I had left over and half a bag of pasta, and there is enough left for lunch tomorrow. It's not a pretty dish, so no pics, but it is good.  If anyone has any other cheap food suggestions, throw them out there - I'm happy to take advice.  Wish me luck staying in budget!

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