Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh my god people. My cats, who are usually pretty laid back, have been hissing and spitting at each other all afternoon.  It's really irritating.

For a little bit of backstory: The only times my cats are grouchy are when they are put in their carriers and for a few days after. I think this stems from A) getting spayed and B) the two day long marathon car ride from Florida to NY when I moved, when they were in there all day except for potty and drink breaks.

They are horrible and hissy then, around cat carrier times.  Like, I would not be a cat person if that was the kind of cats they were all the time.  Therefore the carriers generally get hidden in the closet, because even seeing it will set them off.  Now, they are getting put in on Monday for the move, but I haven't pulled out the carriers yet because I'm not crazy and I don't want to spend a minute more than I have to dealing with this behavior.

On the other hand, the cats love breaking into the closet, the one holding the hated carriers, and exploring it since they're not normally allowed in. One of them got in today and knocked down the carriers from the shelf and it has set them both off.

They are so retarded!!! THEY knocked the carriers down, I didn't take them out, and yet they are still acting like I am about to throw them in at any moment.  Which, to be fair, I am in a couple of days, but they can't know that! Ugh. I love them but they are driving me crazy today.

On the up side, tons of boxes packed. Well over half done. Now I'm just hoping my entire room and my kitchen table and kitchen ware fits into the 10" van.

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