Sunday, May 30, 2010

Growth of a garden

While my current apartment leaves much to be desired in terms of space and light, one thing that is infinitely better is that I have a little cube of outdoors space in which to grow some green things.  And they are growing!

From this :     

To this :

And from this to this :

Even the Forget-me-nots are growing: 

And now I have six little baby tomatoes, hopefully to ripen quickly.  

I'm very proud of myself.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I can see!

So apparently I've been walking around with a super outdated eye prescription.  Now that I've spent $500 (gulp, omigod) on new glasses and contacts I'm expecting that investment to pay off with xray vision and a new job as a superhero.  It seems only fair.

In related news, I will soon be on the job prowl again as my freelance job is winding down.  Job hunting = oodles of fun.  I'm looking forward to it.  It's like playing the lottery, with hundreds of resumes going out and a response or two trickling in.  I guess it's good that I'm a qualified to be a superhero now.  See, the universe has its own timing.

On the home front, I've also managed to pick myself up the cutest little armchair from my aunt's apartment building.  It's from the 70s, and looks it, and once I steam clean it and get it properly situated I will take some pictures to post.  My boyfriend has mentioned, unflatteringly, that it makes him think of his grandparents old furniture but he's just bitter that he had to carry the thing onto the subway for me.  Bitter and jealous that it is MINE and not his.  Either that or he has sadly bad taste but I don't want to think that of him, so petty jealousy it is.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mission Accomplish - Tomatoes on the Horizon

Do other people not know what they should capitalize in these titles? Is it just me?


I managed to actually get out and buy gardening supplies and I successfully planted tomatoes, basil and forget-me-not seeds this weekend (in pots, in case you were curious. I can't afford a yard).  Tomatoes and basil are my annual summer staples, but I just couldn't resist the forget-me-nots. I think they're the sweetest flower around and if it wasn't morbid I'd say I wanted them planted on my grave one day.  Which I'm not saying because I'm not morbid, but if I WAS...

Hopefully, unlike previous years, the tomatoes and basil will actually grow and flourish and I might make back some of my investment in nice dinners.  Either way, I love how both plants smell.  They remind me of my childhood and my grandfather's wonderful garden.  Every year I try to emulate and live up to that garden in my own little way, and I think if I live to be 90 the smell of fresh tomatoes will remind me of my grandfather.

I'll post pictures once things start sprouting.  This year they will grow, I feel it...