Saturday, September 12, 2015

Election Fatigue, 2015 edition

So I do NOT know who to vote for this election cycle. I'm burned out on the whole thing already and we're not even through the primaries. I'm pretty liberal, but as long as there was a good candidate who believed in women's reproductive rights and global warming, I'd be open to voting Republican too. However, this latest crop of candidates are pretty batshit crazy across the board, leaving me a little frazzled about the whole democracy thing.

1. On the extreme left, there's Bernie Sanders. I don't know a ton about him, but what I do know sounds ok. No horrible scandals, believes in fair wages and science, doesn't seem too crazy. My main problems with him are that I don't think he could win a general election, since he is pretty far left, and I worry that he'd have the Obama issue if he did get elected. I.E., the Republicans in Congress would refuse to work with him and do their best to fuck up democracy and blame it on him.

2. Hillary. Oh Hillary. I totally was rooting for her up until about a year ago, when it seems like all this dirt came out. I don't mean trumped up dirt, like Benghazi, I mean the stupid email server, sketchy charity contributions, and general shiftiness. Plus, she's pretty conservative for being a liberal. I mean, she's at least pro-choice but otherwise doesn't look too different from a standard issue Republican.

3. Donald Trump.

4. Jeb Bush - just kidding. Back to Donald Trump. Not sure what to even say about him, he's so nuts. He went from being pro-choice (about his only acceptable political stance) to being rabidly pro-life, probably out of pure cynicism to get right leaning voters. He insults everyone, generally about completely irrelevant things like their looks or their "energy." We'd probably be at war with Canada within a year of electing him, much less more reactive countries. He is the Rob Ford of America, minus drugs, and yet he's top of the polls in the primaries. WTH????

5. And now Jeb Bush for real. We don't need another Bush. We've had two Bushes within the past 4 presidents. We do not need every other president to be a Bush. This is not a monarchy. Frankly, that kind of goes for Hillary too. We should not be passing the baton of leadership back and forth between the same two families. It's gross and undemocratic and in a country this big can't we find a better alternative??? Plus he is rabidly pro-life, anti-personal autonomy and I lived in Florida while he was governor and it's not like he left Florida in such great shape. We have one of the worst education systems in the country, a completely ineffective state Congress, and always seem to be broke.

6. Dr. Ben Carson. New to me, already gross. Another abortion flip flopper, who used to be pro-choice and before deciding he actually doesn't care about women's health. Very religious. Doesn't seem to believe in racism, despite being black. Doesn't believe in global warming despite MOUNDS of evidence. Basically a seemingly smart man who refuses to use his brain or common sense. He sounds awful.

Now, I know there are others but these seem to be the most mentioned. And they all seem like bad choices, for either practical or moral reasons. Bernie Sanders seems to be the best of the bunch, but I just don't see him getting elected or being able to work with Congress effectively if he is. Hillary would probably work just fine with Congress, since she knows ALL the skeletons, but I'd rather elect someone I trusted a bit more. And the Republicans are all basically dredged up from the stone ages.  So help. What is a girl to do? Who is there even to vote for this time around?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saving Like A Grown Up

I frequently bemoan being an adult, and all it entails. Not only do I have to do unfun things like pay bills and do laundry, being grownup means that any chance I have of being a child prodigy is now really officially over.

So. Lacking prodigy or millionaire status, my goals now are slightly more modest. My latest one is trying to afford to buy a place before I'm 90.  Of course, as soon as I decided to make that a priority I also started spending money like there was no tomorrow. I'm sure there's some sort of psychological reason, but there you go.

However, I have taken a few solid steps. I've spoken to a lender and a real estate agent. The lender is reassuring and positive. The real estate agent thinks I'm entirely too optimistic about what I can get for my money and that I should come down to earth, it begin a seller's market.  It's a somewhat irritating attitude to deal with when searching for a home, but probably helpful in the long run.

I do wonder how other freelancers managed to buy a home. It's harder to get a loan, harder to anticipate earnings, and harder still to know whether throwing all my savings into one investment is prudent or crazy.  Maybe I should just direct my energies toward inventing a time machine and going back to become a prodigy after all.

Anyway, here are some steps I'm taking to save money:

- Nurse my drinks like a broke college student.
- Pack lunch or eat cheap.
- Put off buying a new pair of shoes. Even though my old pair is fugly as hell at this point.
- Do my best to win my football fantasy league (this is a legit step, right?).

Aaaaand, here are the ways I'm sabotaging myself:

- weekend trips to visit friends in other states
- forgetting to pack lunch. Often.
- Being overly generous with my drink/shot buying.
- Buying summer clothing now that the weather is turning cold, just because they're on sale.  Though that equals future savings, so really, financially prudent.
- And the big one. Not actively canceling my old health insurance after getting a new one, therefore costing myself a shit load of extra money. UGH! Kicking myself for this one.

I need to put myself on an allowance.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Online Dating Shorthand

Ok. So I signed up for some online dating, since the only people I see regularly in my real life are coworkers and my cats. And occasionally friends, but they don't fit this particular narrative so whatever.  And there are some photos that just immediately raise red flags or at least, less alarmingly, kind of inform (cough:warn) me about the person they belong to.

Much like how homes described as "cozy" actually mean "tiny," or "charming" means "hasn't been updated in 20 years," I've come up with a little online dating pictorial cheat sheet below.  I'm sure I've missed some, but these are definitely a few of the repeat offenders.

Baseball caps = balding. It always means balding.

Selfies (exclusively or mainly) = No friends. Also creepy.

No pictures with a full face visible = married and cheating. Or a serial killer.

Multiple shirtless photos = Just wants sex.

Multiple shirtless selfies = Really just wants sex, and has a higher opinion of himself than he should.

Photos that look like head shots = They ARE head shots, and this person is a starving artist. Probably caters or bartends. (no judgment)

Brooding or scowling photos = Look how tough and serious I am. Hint: Super tough. Super serious. (BTW, will never ever agree to a date with someone who can't even manage to smile for one goddamned profile picture).

Black and White photos = Self diagnosed sensitive, artistic type. Probably works in an office doing accounting.   These are a good counterpoint to the in-color brooding photos.  Both types probably take themselves too seriously.

Florescent lit office selfies = REALLY has no friends. Socially awkward. I mean, are you even TRYING? This is why you're dating online.

All group shots or photos taken from very far away (i.e. standing on top of a mountain) = Low self esteem about his looks.  Or is just that fucking oblivious as to how online dating works. I AM SHALLOW! LET ME SEE YOUR FACE!

Friday, May 23, 2014

To Buy or Not To Buy

I am currently musing the relative responsibility level of buying a new pair of jeans while technically unemployed.

On one hand, my favorite pair just ripped and I'm a freelancer, so I am frequently "unemployed," since it just means I'm between projects. It is neither an unusual circumstance nor a dire one. And the jeans are currently on sale.   So really, I'm saving by buying them now.

On the other hand, until my next project starts I'm not actually bringing in money, so I should batten down the hatches.

Being a grown up is hard. I need to find myself a nice beau to buy me fripperies like jeans and oysters.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


The year I moved to New York, the first year I lived here, I made only about $16,000 the entire year.  That's pre-tax, since despite how little I made I did pay a bit of it back in taxes.  That figure includes some unemployment income, since for a stretch there I was unemployed.  It does not include any other kind of assistance. Yes somehow with that money I packed up all my belongings, rented a car, and drove from Florida to New York in an eventful few days. With it I paid first month and security at a new apartment. Obviously I had roommates, though they were strangers.  With it I settled into a new city. My brother, the lifesaver, drove up with me, though he was even broker than me so food and lodgings were still my responsibility.  With me were my two pissed off, caged up cats.

Within a couple weeks of moving here I'd gotten a job behind the bakery counter of a grocery store for $10 an hour. I didn't even make enough to pay my bills, but at least it came close, and I had a little bit - a very little bit - saved in the bank. About a month after that I was lucky (so, so, so lucky) enough to get an interview for a "real" job within my field and then was lucky enough to get the job. I also worked in the evenings, for free, at an internship in my industry just to try to make more connections and improve my skills. I signed up to work weekends at a catering company for those few extra dollars.  I commuted into the city every day from out of state (well, New Jersey), because living across the state line was cheaper than living anywhere in NYC, Manhattan aside.

And somehow, on only $16,000 I managed to pay my student loan bills, my rent, my phone bills and all my food and transportation. I also managed to start the slow process of paying off credit card debt I had carried since leaving college, sometimes by just $20 at a time.  I'm very proud of the fact that on a VERY tight budget I made ends meet and didn't ever have to turn to my parents for help. But, as anyone can imagine, it wasn't easy. It meant pasta just about every day and an incredibly strict food budget.  Ramen is not just for college students.  If I had had kids it would have been impossible. If I had gotten sick it would have been disastrous.

I'm proud of myself for managing on that small an amount for a year. Though money is still not abundant, I certainly make more now than I did then. But I only had to scrimp and scrounge to that degree for a short while. There are people, there are entire families, who have to survive on an income like that for their entire lives. And while I was lucky enough not to get sick while I was that broke (because despite my income I never considered myself actually poor, just broke), everyone gets sick eventually. And for families or even individuals making $16,000 a year, getting sick is just not something they can afford to do.

And yet we've got politicians calling the working poor lazy and entitled. Entitled why? Because they feel like, for their hard work, they're entitled to crazy luxuries like food and shelter and basic health care. I mean, really? I'm not talking about people who choose not to work or who deal drugs or steal for a living. I'm talking about people who get up and work (at least!) five days a week and still barely have enough to scrape by.  I'm talking about retirees. People who are working hard and doing the best they can. These people aren't lazy. They're not looking for handouts. And as for entitled, if they work full time they SHOULD feel entitled to food, shelter, and health care. People aren't "entitled" to fancy clothing or nice cars or luxury vacations. But god damn it, if you work hard all your life you should at least feel like you're entitled to the basics of survival. Otherwise what's the point?

I guess my point is that I'm grateful for my brief period of having to really pinch pennies. It gave me empathy. It gave me some understanding of just how precarious it can be living paycheck to paycheck, and how impossible it would have been if I hadn't been young, healthy and unencumbered. Some of our elected leaders and wannabe elected leaders could stand to maybe live a year or so on $16,000. Maybe they would learn something too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Healing A Broken Heart

Edited, because it's too TMI.

It's such a cliche, but it's true. I've been broken up for almost three months now and rather than getting easier it seems to get harder every day. Half our friends think we'll get back together, adding to the pressure. But I am at the end of my rope.

I never wanted a relationship filled with angst. I don't want tear-filled breakups followed by reunion after reunion. I don't want to cry on friend's shoulders just to show up a month later at their party hand in hand with the cause of those tears. We had become "that" couple, the one who was always just about to break up or just about to get back together. I can't blame people for doubting me this time.

But I just can't anymore. So somehow I need to find a way.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Omaha World Series Underdogs

I first wrote this article a few days ago for a website I publish on occasionally. They weren't able to publish it quickly enough for it to be relevant, but I decided to publish it here instead so that the time I spent writing it isn't wasted. 

With the eight teams that are heading to Omaha now finalized and the College World Series underway, it's time to take a look at this year's crop of Championship hopefuls. Every team has its share of fans, but there are clear favorites to win. It's not over until the fat lady sings though, and the College World Series winner may not be who most are expecting. Below are three underdog teams that could come from behind for a win. 

Stony Brook Seawolves** - Though they lost their first game of the College World Series against UCLA, they'll get a second chance June 17th against the Seminoles. If they lose again the Seawolves will be leaving their first CWS without a trophy. There are plenty of fans rooting for them however, as the Seawolves are a true underdog with a made for TV story. 

For them it's a tale of many firsts. Not only is it the Stony Brook team's first trip to the CWS, but they are the first New York team since 1980 and the first North East team since 1986 to reach the College World Series. In fact, they are even the first CWS participant from the American East Conference. A Seawolves win would make not only their school, but their whole region very happy. 

Strong Seawolves players include center fielder Travis Jankowski, a junior and the first Stoney Brooke first round MLB pick for the San Diego Padres, and America East pitcher of the year Tyler Johnson, a senior, who's 2012 ERA is 1.78. 

Kent State Golden Flashes - Another regional sweetheart, the Kent State Golden Flashes are the first qualifier from Mid-American conference since 1976. It is also the team's first appearance ever at the CWS, giving them something in common with the Seawolves. After a narrow 3-2 win over Oregon on June 11th, the Flashes solidified their spot and are ready to represent their conference and their school. Their first game is on Saturday, June 16 against Arkansas. 

The journey to the CWS included a 21 inning game against Kentucky, the second longest game in the NCAA regional tournament, proving that Kent State players have the endurance to go all the way. 6'3 pitcher and team co-captain David Starn is one of the Golden Flashes' secret weapons and will be pitching during their first CWS game. He was named Mid-American Conference pitcher of the year in 2012. 

Florida State Seminoles - The Seminoles are not a typical underdog. They are part of a group of powerhouse Florida teams that include the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida Gators, who are also attending the CWS this year. Including this year, they've made it as far as the College World Series an astounding 21 times but they've never managed to pull off a win. After losing their first 2012 CWS game on Friday night, they've got one more chance in their game on Sunday against Stoney Brooke. One of our two underdogs will be eliminated at the end of that game. 

No other team has qualified as many times without winning, though they've had the bittersweet honor of being runner up 3 times. FSU can't be happy about being the Susan Lucci of college baseball, though she did eventually win her Emmy. Might this finally be the year that the Seminoles win the College World Series? Fans can only hope. 

Team captain James Ramsey, a senior, will be leading the team to Omaha. He was named 2012 Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Year as well as being a two time Capital One Academic All-America of the Year winner. 

Only one team will emerge victorious. By Sunday at least one of the underdog teams will have been eliminated. Though it may not look likely that any of the three teams will walk away with the trophy, everything is possible. Remember, everyone loves an underdog. 

**Eliminated since I first wrote this article