Monday, November 16, 2009

Working hard is hard work

I've been working my ass off the past little bit, and while I am very proud of myself for doing it, I am also very tired. Very tired.  So tired I went to a party a few days ago and fell asleep on the couch. Less than an hour after arriving. And I didn't wake up until everyone was gone and my boyfriend and I were very politely kicked out.

The past couple of days have been catch up days for me, just sleeping 11, 12 hours a night.  The project I've been working on, on which I have learned a lot, has really been sucking up all my time and energy.  And while there are definitely things I would do differently the 2nd time around, that's kind of the point - I'm learning.  And it is a huge thing for me to be able to have this new, better credit to put on my resume.

In exchange I've kind of neglected every other aspect of my life, from my boyfriend to my apartment to all my other personal relationships. The boyfriend stepped up to the plate and was supportive. The apartment...well, it's going to take a few days of deep cleaning before it forgives me.  My cats have been even clingier then usual the past couple days, probably just relieved that the big warm thing they can flop onto is back.  It's no fun getting to break things when there is no one to yell at you for it.  My friends have been benevolently ignored, but took it in stride.

I just hope it all pays off. You never know when you take a job whether it will really springboard you or whether it just...won't.  And I hope it does, because my 26th birthday is just around the corner and I want my career to be a little bit more settled as I get into my late 20s.  None of this floating around I have unwillingly been doing.

I will also say that the people I've met on this film are absolutely great and I would hire/be hired by them again in a minute.  I have really learned a ton and while there is plenty more to learn I feel way more qualified to do this again, and way more over qualified to do regular PA work, then I did just a few weeks ago.  So the three and four hour a night sleeps have been worth it. I think. I hope.

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