Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So I've been in my new neighborhood for a couple months now (side note: I just recently figured out what neighborhood I actually live in [Kensington], and by figured out I mean had to have someone else tell me), so it seemed time to explore my neighborhood a little bit, food wise. Rather then actually leave my house to do so however, my BF and I ordered sushi takeout.  It was pretty much as you'd expect, cheap and mediocre.  It looked a bit like the sushi my brother and I made when he visited. This is not a compliment to the restaurant as neither of us are sushi chefs. It could have been worse though.  It is nice to crave sushi, and thirty minutes later there it is like magic.  And they take credit card. As I am kind of cash averse I like a place that will take credit cards.  Plus, no cleanup.  I wish I'd taken a picture for the blog (looking a little monotone lately) but it wouldn't have been that amazing. Think grocery store sushi.

Next on the list: Thai takeout.

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