Friday, June 1, 2012

Facebook Status: Single

I'm going through a breakup for the millionth time. Mind, it's for the millionth time with the same guy which means I'm being very quiet about it in my real life since at a certain point I feel like you lose the right to whine.  Since I'm sick of spinning in circles I've resolved that this time it will stick, but I'm going to keep that mainly to myself until I have more time as a single under my belt. No need to cry wolf again.

Nonetheless, it's been a few weeks and overall we're both being kind and considerate and have resolved to remain friends and business partners and blablabla mature grown up crap. Overall. Today my (nameless) ex and I had a fight. **I've edited out some of the venting about it...

Ugh. I needed to vent and didn't want to drag my friends into what I'm very much trying to make a drama-free breakup. I don't want them to have to pick sides, I don't want to create any negative feelings, and I very much want to come out the other side of this as friends with my ex. But days like today remind me of why we broke up to begin with. Which is maybe why after over three weeks I finally updated my facebook status to single. It's set to private so no one can see it but me, but it feels significant nonetheless.

In other news, my cats are being very supportive. In what was clearly a thoughtful if misguided attempt to distract me, one of them threw up on my shoes yesterday. When that didn't work she course corrected and is now sitting at my feet being cute. Good job.

**Edited to remove venting, since the whole goal is to not piss each other off.

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