Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me Against The World

So I have this image of what 28 year old women should look/act like and I often do not fit into that mold. I wonder if there's something wrong with me or whether I'm just holding others up to an unrealistic ideal. Probably both. For example:

Imaginary normal woman: Blow dries hair, wears makeup, makes attempt at fashionable work/play outfits.
Me: I usually but not always brush my hair in the morning. Makeup is strictly a special event occurrence, and consists of some eye and lip stuff. I do not own a blow dryer and my outfits are often whatever I can pull out of my (clean, unfolded) laundry basket.

Imaginary normal woman: Eats healthy and works out a few days a week. Since this is New York, the workout probably involves yoga or pilates and some element of spirituality is involved.
Me: I sometimes try half heartedly to touch my toes while I watch TV. Every now and then I'll take the stairs at work if I'm feeling particularly blimp like.

Imaginary normal woman: House is kept relatively clean and tidy, and there are often fresh flowers somewhere. The walls are covered in tasteful art/pictures of loved ones.
Me: I've got some paintings and pictures up, but there are walls left untouched. Let's say I'm halfway to normal in this respect.  I do try to keep up with the cleaning; I'm actually doing better on that.

And it goes on. So are others actually closer to my level of not-accepting-adulthood than I think, or am I really in need of a kick in the ass to get my shit together?

At least I'm responsible about my budget. That's something, right?

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