Monday, January 11, 2010

Life update

So I am now a late night diner waitress.  In a greek diner filled with Russian waitresses.  I've been meaning to learn a new language...

In other news I've been sleeping to 4 since starting at this diner. It's not easy staying on your feet all night. I don't get home until the sun is up.  Good news, however, is that at least it's employment and the fact that it's at night means that theoretically it won't interfere with more conventional job hunting/doing.

In other other news, I've always been a proud Italian, but news like this makes me ashamed of being a citizen of a country that would act like this or tolerate this sort of behavior. Everyone involved should be punished.  I'm sure hoping they feel bad is overly optimistic, but I certainly hope they can be made to feel bad.

1 comment:

  1. wow! that is intense, i can't believe it! i thought it was an American thing to react that way!!

    & about the always on your feet-night job. Nick is doing that, sleeping irregular begins, even for me & i'm not the one working...

    About Saville, her work is indecent, & what my professor was interpreting it as, not even as indecent as it should be. I feel as though she is on the right track, playing with women of larger figures, but the mood of her paintings could be more upbringing to thicker women.