Sunday, January 29, 2012

Home Design

I'm not Martha Stewart. I know that may be confusing for most people, but despite the similarities (female? That's kind of it.) I am not her. And therefore I do not have her talent for all the various types of home making that exist.

In other words, I need help.  At the risk of outing myself and ruining my half-assed attempt at anonymity, below are a couple room designs. If anyone feels so inclined, I'd love an opinion. I'm trying to re-organize my brand new (1 bedroom! Spacious!) apartment after having been crammed into a studio for years, and I've come to realize it is not a natural talent of mine.  Here's what my apartment looks like now:

The gray rectangle is the radiator, and therefore not movable. The brown rectangles are half-shelves.
Not exactly a wonder of layout. Especially since the only plug is behind my table (which is hanging off the room b/c in actuality the side folds down. The layout program did not have a half-circle table.).  Therefore there is a whole mess of cords stretching across the doorway from the table to the tv.

This might be more accurate:

Here are a couple ideas I have to improve the situation:

Option 1

Option 2

I've put this up on Facebook for a friend vote (which is why I'm a little worried about blowing my cover) but I wanted to see if any budding design stars out there had any ideas or opinions as well.  So. What do you think?

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