Monday, September 12, 2011

To leave or not to leave?

I've been looking for a new apartment in a kind of half assed, lazy way for a while now. I figure when the perfect, amazingly priced gem of a deal falls into my lap I'll be ready. Those kinds of deals, as everyone knows, are many and frequent in New York.  But regardless, other than the fact that my apartment floods periodically, I had nothing really pushing this potential relocation other than my desire for more room and a window that actually lets in some sunlight. Little things.

But my ass of a landlord might have just kicked the search into high gear today. He came by to fix a leaky sink and toilet (BTW, things are always breaking here). In his honer I cleaned the bathroom. It might have been a ten minute speed clean, but it was a clean.  And what does he do?  He does the landlord equivalent of spitting in my face.

When he entered the newly tolerably clean room, rather than make a benign comment about the weather we've been having or maybe apologize for renting out a shit hole of an apartment where things are constantly springing leaks, flooding, or generally breaking down, he ran a piece of tissue along the dust on the side of the base of the toilet (Note!! Not the bowl, or the floor [which I mopped!!!!]) and told me that I needed to "keep up" the apartment because the toilet was "disgusting." Oh no he didn't. To my face.  Also, dude, it's a toilet. It's never going to be not disgusting, even if I steam cleaned it.

So to sum up, my basically clean toilet had some dust and cat hair on the side of it, and he decided to straight up try to shame me about it.  He also told me that a reason my apartment floods is because a small ceramic pot I have outside, which doesn't happen to have a plant in it this year (I do have tomato, basil, sage, and a rose plant in other pots) is creating mud that clogs the drain.  Yeah, that's the problem.  Not the wonky ass plumbing.

So furious. I may not be Martha Stewart (and I admit it) but if I'm going to make the effort to clean before someone comes over, I'd rather them not call me filthy. Yep, it's time to find a new place.

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