Thursday, July 29, 2010

Explaining my absence

I haven't been writing much here lately. Operative word here, since I've been posting on associated content, on travel maharishi and on a couple other sites, all of which pay for writing. They don't pay much, but it's still frankly exciting to be able to make money from my computer at home based on my writing. Though I have gotten the comment from the editors of one site (which dropped my rating a bit) that I use too many commas. This has made me comma shy. Like, I know take out commas that I think actually do work just because I'm worried that I'll get corrected for it. This particular website bases what assignments they give you on your rating, so I want to raise it up again.

I've also been gardening  a bit.  My tomatoes shot up like weeds and then... stopped.  One of them has blossomed (just one! out of like 20!) and hopefully I'll get some tomatoes out of that one. The two plants I bought already big provided some tomatoes however.  Next summer I'll already have pots and dirt ready to go so I'll spend less and hopefully reap more.

And I'm working again, back at a job I've held in the past. I'm really liking it so far, more even than the first time around since there's so much less nervousness. I get really anxious about new jobs (something I'm working on - after all, it's just tv!) so going back to something I've held in the past and know what I'm doing in is downright relaxing.

Aside from that...well my family is crazy as ever. One family member had surgery, one refused stitches she needed due to a doctor related trauma she suffered in the past, and my dad had a baby (I almost typed midlife crisis, but that wouldn't be nice).  I generally don't mention them on my blog, but there being so actively quirky at the moment that it's filling my head. I'm in turns worried, exasperated, guilty, angry and stressed out over all of them.

I'll try to update more frequently, for myself really. It's the closest thing I have to therapy and comes easier than poorly paid articles about wedding dresses or baby showers.

Though poorly paid is still paid. Making me a paid writer. Wee!

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