Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long overdue

I'm crawling out from under the mound of work I've been doing to type a quick update post.  Things are good! Things are busy! It is good that things are busy! I've been working full out with almost no sleep for the past thousand years (it feels like).  I'm working my night time diner job at night, and working on film work during the day.  Rest is secondary. This means however that I feel stretched to the limit on every front, so I'm glad the period of hectic activity is coming to an end. I don't think it was sustainable.  I'm also glad the film I've been working on since last year is down to just one more day to shoot. We should have finished this week but it was just too cold to shoot outside.  I'm looking forward to finishing.

On another note, I find myself totally losing patience with my cats. They climb on EVERYTHING. They go everywhere they don't belong. I feel like I'm constantly screaming at them and pushing them off things and that it's not effective. If this is practice parenting I'm failing. Are there some tricks to training cats to do what you want? Or are they just alternatively sweet purring angels and annoying hell-beasts and I just need to learn to deal?

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